September 21, 2017
Faculty Member: Joe White
Company: Get Life Coaching
Joe White from Get Life Coaching facilitated our September class.  He’s an author, speaker, international trainer, and life coach dedicated to helping individuals, business leaders, and couples.  In our class we learned simple tools that anyone can start using to increase your sales immediately.

March 21, 2017
Faculty Member: Trevor Crane
Company:  Crane Financial

Faculty member Trevor Crane from Crane Financial was our March Superbiz University class facilitator.  He was able to help us think about our individual belief systems and how they effect the way we worok and deal with clients.  We were reminded that we are in the business of solving problems and making wishes come true!

February 16, 2017
Faculty Member: Jeremy Rawitz
Company: Sandler Sales Institute

Jeremy Rawitz, our faculty member from Sandler Sales Institute facilitated a class with us titled Sales Accelerator Foundations. We were able to learn a unique approach to making sales and keeping positive rapport.

January 25, 2017
Faculty Member: Michael Gidlewsky
Company: Achievement Unlimited

Faculty Member Michael Gidlewsky from Achievement Unlimited was able to work with our coaches to help us gain more understanding and strengthen our skills in Client Service Excellence. Client service is a lot like the weather. Everybody talks about it but far few people do anything to offer excellent service. We learned 13 Commitments to Superior Client Service and how to carry those through our day to day operations.